Jake & Gino Youth Academy

Welcome to the Jake & Gino Youth Academy, where we teach parents, along with teens and young adults financial education,  life skills  and personal development that will propel them to success.

It's time to teach our kids and young adults the skills that are not being taught in school, money and financial intelligence.

Youth Academy Overview: 

Week 1: Introduction and What can parents do.

Week 2: Skills to learn and good money habits.

Week 3: Personal development.

Week 4: Money & banking.

 Week 5: Financial literacy.

Week 6: Investing.

Week 7: Insurance.

Week 8: Taxes.

Week 9: Entrepreneurship and Charity.

Our Jake & Gino community members have been asking for ways to teach their kids about money and finance, and we've designed the Youth Academy to teach teens and young adults about subjects  that they aren't learning in school.

This program is also geared towards parents who are looking for a structured way to teach their children sound financial principles and the concepts of money, banking and investing.

People with financial intelligence can change the world for the better!!

Welcome to the Jake & Gino Family!

Jake & Gino Youth Academy

$297.00 USD