The Cannolis Exploded! A Children's Book

 Join the whole gang in the Cannoli Series - Cannolis Exploded and The Gelato Blast. Rhino, Caterpillar, and Pig are joined by many friends and mentors on their journey as they become aware of who they surround themselves with, and how they are influenced by those around them. 

In The Cannolis Exploded! Now What?, children learn how their are multiple paths we can choose in life, whether you want to become a Pity Party Pig, a Responsible Rhino, or a Creative Caterpillar.

When everything blows up, there are pretty much three paths you could take:

You could be a Creative Caterpillar, working hard and thinking outside the box to get an idea off the ground.
 You could be a Responsible Rhino, saving and earning wisely so you can buy assets in the future.
 Or you could be a Pity Party Pig, and well... have a Pity Party.

In A Gelato Blast! Let's Learn From The Past, the  characters are confronted with a huge problem, and the story shows how you can turn a problem into an opportunity. It also stresses how important it is to surround yourself with amazing friends and with people who will support you.

Not only do these books help teach kids about how their mindset can affect their life, but they also includes talking points & coloring pages for you and your children after you are done reading! 

Click HERE! to download the coloring pages and activity booklet.

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