8 Step Due Diligence Framework For Passive Investing

Finally, a proven and highly effective 8-step framework that any passive investor can follow when they’re considering investing in a real estate syndication. Jake & Gino have created this training specifically for any investor who’s jumping into estate syndication, and in a passive way. The 8 steps revealed in this due diligence framework are a must follow when it comes to analyzing any deal in order to see if it's worth investing in. These steps cover all the critical components including - the sponsor, you the investor, the market, the property, the legal documents – and everything else in between!

 What are the Eight Steps?

  1. The Sponsor
  2. The Investor (you)
  3. The Market
  4. The Underwriting
  5. The Property
  6. The Property Management
  7. The Financing
  8. The Legal Documents

Before you decide to invest in one more syndication, learn these eight steps and be prepared to ask the sponsor why you should invest your hard earned money into their deal.

Due diligence are two of the most important words for any savvy investor. Learn how to perform due diligence quickly and effectively!

8 Step Due Diligence Framework For Passive Investing

The framework that every passive investors needs to utilize when considering to invest money in a real estate syndication! This framework is not only useful for the passive investor, but the active investor as well. Active investors can utilize this framework to structure their deal and create the offer for the passive investor.

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