Multifamily Mastery Live 2022

Join us on November 5 & 6, 2022 for our fifth Live Event at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, FL.

Learn how to explode your wealth, create passive income and become financially free by investing in multifamily apartments.

What Can You Learn From Jake & Gino?

 You will discover the framework that allowed Jake & Gino to amass a portfolio in excess of $225,000,000, and retire from their jobs in less than three years!

Three different pricing tiers:

  • V.I.P Admission
  • General Admission
  • Student Ticket

Why You Need To Attend This Event 

  • Network with the Jake & Gino Community.
  • Bring your deals and your questions.
  • Meet your next partner or investor.
  • Meet our vendors and our team members.
  • Learn from professionals who are crushing it in the industry.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded investors.
  • Create life-long relationships. 


 What are J&G members saying about the live event? 

"Worthwhile - wasn’t sure if this would morph into a products pitch, glad it didn’t! Overall, extremely valuable and provoked many good discussions. Real value from networking with other like-minded folks, and learning some finer points on a few topics."

Matthew Jason


 "Awesome! So happy I came. Great people, great discussions, great content!"   

Henry Lai



 "Educational! Thank you for keeping it non pitchy. Every speaker was very informative. Made some long term connections. Thank you Jake and Gino! Well worth a trip!"   

Gagan Johal



It was amazing to be in a nurturing and educational environment with like minded individuals who all knew in their core that financial freedom using real estate is the pathway to many of our personal goals and dreams, both financially and spiritually. The added bonus was (1) no one was trying to sell us anything and (2) actionable content was provided, not theory. I can’t say thank you enough."    Michael Brown


"Balanced. There was lots of content that was presented in digestible segments. It provoked thought for immediate and future consideration. Thanks J&G for not hiding your stuff but taking a chance to enrich us with it. MIH!"   

Bill Davis 


 "A Ton Of Value! Thanks Jake and Gino, and to all the speakers!"

Lawrence Pasqua



"Super Informative for ALL whether you are new to the business or not. All great content!!

Overall Jake and Gino SPOT ON (all topics) congrats guys!!"

Reza Shulman

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