How To Create Your Own Financing Credibility Book

Behind every successful multifamily real estate business is an outstanding business plan. Now thanks to Jake & Gino’s How to Create a Successful Credibility Book course, you’ll learn exactly what’s needed to create your very own business plan (aka a “Credibility Book”) from the ground up. Your personal Credibility Book will include everything from critical investing strategies, outlines of current holdings, case studies, and your personal plan for investing in future properties. The exact Credibility Book model and information revealed in this course is what took Jake & Gino from novices to established and respected pros in the industry!

This course is for any investor who wants to,

Crystallize their business plan.
Focus on a specific niche.
Be able to communicate their plan clearly to potential investors and bankers.
Be prepared for their next deal.

You will learn from a banker on how he was impressed by our Credibility Book by the attention to detail and professionalism we exhibited, (the exact model we will be teaching you). It was all there, structured for him and easy to consume and understand. This book separated us from the novice beginner, and helped us to establish those crucial relationships in real estate with our bankers and investors.

This course is not only for investors, but can also be employed by:

Other real estate professionals who want to convey their message to their clients.

Real estate brokers who want to highlight their strategy to sell homes.
Fix and flippers who want to raise private money.

As a student, you can expect to:

  • Be able to design your own personal Credibility Book
  • Learn how to build case studies
  • Begin to focus on a niche in real estate (if you don’t have one already)
  • Emerge as a professional with “credibility”

To help you build your book, in this course you will be receiving:

  • Our Credibility Book to model as you build your own.
  • A guide to designing your Credibility Book.
  • A template used for you to easily design your own Credibility Book
  • Video lessons that show you how to build case studies.
  • Student Credibility Books.
  • Student case study on a 16 unit mom and pop purchase.

We have also included video lessons that highlight the success of our case studies and how we structured them.

This course was created by Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro, #1 Amazon Best-Selling Authors of “WheelBarrow Profits: How To Create Passive Income, Build Wealth, And Take Control Of Your Destiny Through Multifamily Real Estate Investing.” and founders of Jake & Gino, LLC.


"I did a credibility book for the 12-unit I'm buying. It really made me stand out to the broker, got me great financing, and honestly helped me get organized for my search criteria. Follow what Jake & Gino say and you'll get a deal!"

Melissa Nevich

"As a real estate investor in my early 20's seeking to purchase investments of 10 to 50 units, having physical documents highlighting my deals and business strategy allowed me to close a 16 unit apartment complex with 1.5% down. The insight and detail provided by Jake and Gino for instruction on how to create my own Credibility Book will help me take my investing to the next level. Jake and Gino offer no nonsense insight into their strategies with actionable steps that I believe will make a measurable impact in marketing and closing deals with sellers, bankers, and investors."'

Joel Florek

How To Create A Financing Credibility Book

A course for real estate investors on how to create an effective business plan that gets the results they want.

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