Multifamily Mastery LIVE

The first live event hosted by the Mom & Pop kings and the creators of the #1 multifamily podcast on iTunes Wheelbarrow Profits on November 11-12 in Knoxville, TN, at the Hilton in downtown Knoxville, TN.  Learn how to explode your wealth, create passive income and become financially free by investing in Mom & Pop apartments.

 Learn the strategies that are being employed in today’s current market that will bring you success and move you closer to your goals.

 You will discover the framework that allowed a pizza guy and a drug rep to purchase over 700 units in only 4 years, create a 35,000,000 portfolio with their own money, and retire from their jobs in less than three years! 

 Here’s what you will learn:

      Why to focus on multifamily properties.

·      How to “Buy Right”.

·      How to spot a Mom & Pop

·      What are the characteristics of a Mom & Pop and how they can make you rich.

·      How to build broker relationships so that they will locate deals for you.

·      How to build an all-star team to grow your business.

·      How to select an emerging market for you to begin your investing career and what parameters you need to focus on when choosing the market.

·      How to analyze deals quickly and easily.

·      Where to find the money for your first investment.

·      How to negotiate the best terms for your deals.

·      How to secure the most favorable financing for your multifamily property.

·      How to perform our three-step due diligence to avoid some of our most costly mistakes.

·      How to self-manage your property using our three-step repositioning framework.

·      How to select the most qualified management- company if you elect not to self-manage.

Learn from our team, as well as the top industry professionals


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