Personal Finance Academy

Welcome to the Jake & Gino's Personal Finance Academy, where we teach financial education,  life skills  and personal development that will propel you success.

It's time to teach the skills that are not being taught in school: Money and Financial Intelligence.

Overview: We want to give you the time to learn and absorb each lesson, so we have broken it up into twelve weeks with one lesson being released each week.

  • Week 1 Welcome: Setting the Stage
  • Week 2Skills to Learn
  • Week 3Skills to Learn: Part 2
  • Week 4: Personal Development
  • Week 5Money
  • Week 6Financial Literacy
  • Week 7Credit
  • Week 8Investing
  • Week 9Crypto Currency
  • Week 10Insurance
  • Week 11Taxes
  • Week 12Entrepreneurship & Charity

This program is also geared towards those who are looking for a structured way to learn or teach sound financial principles and the concepts of money, banking and investing. If you are a parent who has joined, we would recommend watching the videos along with your children, in order to answer any questions they may have. You never know, you may also learn a thing or two.

Throughout the program, please leave any questions or comments below, and we will be back to you quickly with an answer.

People with financial intelligence can change the world for the better!!

Welcome to the Jake & Gino Family!

Personal Finance Academy

$297.00 USD