Four Step Deal Underwriting Analysis

The Four Step Deal Underwriting Analysis program was created by Jake & Gino as a result of their thorough process of performing due diligence when underwriting deals.

The framework is broken down into four steps and will make it much easier, quicker and more efficient for you to underwrite deals. These four steps will each have a set of questions that you need to answer about the deal.  The four steps include:

Market: Have you chosen and analyzed a market? Do you know the important metrics to choose an emerging market?  We are going to take a deep dive and make sure you are choosing the right market!

Owner: Now that we have chosen the market, it's time to move onto the story of the property. Each deal and seller's situation is unique, and you need to ask certain key questions about why the owner is selling. Focus on how to solve the seller's problem, and the only way to do this is to ask empowering questions and listen to the seller.  The goal here is to gauge the motivation of the seller. If there is no motivation, it may be time to move onto the next deal.

Property: In the third step, it's all about the property.  How old are the roofs, what is the market cap rate, what is the unit mix....  These questions will give you the answer if there is the ability to add value to the property and increase the NOI!

Financial: We've made it this far. Let's pull out our calculators and underwrite this deal. We will explore how to increase income, how to decrease expenses, and share with you what makes an excellent investment.

We have included our Deal Analyzer Suite of Calculators in this program to assist you with the financial underwriting.

What can you expect from this program?

  • You will not fall in love with a deal, and  start to base your offers on logic and fact, not emotions. That would have saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars when I first started out.
  • You will only be dealing with properties where you can add value and create massive wealth.
  • You will analyze deals much quicker and more accurately.
  • You will have much more clarity when offering the opportunity to your partners or investors.
  • The key to success is to follow a recipe, and the recipe for underwriting a deal is laid out in this program.

So what are you waiting for? Isn't it time you leveraged Jake & Gino's experience on underwriting and become an expert at spotting the next home run.



Four Step Deal Underwriting Analysis

The comprehensive framework will walk you through Jake & Gino's four-step acquisition process that will allow you to properly identify, analyze, and underwrite the deal.The four steps include: Owner, Market, Property & Underwriting.

$197.00 USD