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A Message From Gino Barbaro

Co-Founder of Jake & Gino

Have you struggled with finding your first deal? Or, your next? Do you sometimes feel you’re all alone with no one to turn to?

Are you overwhelmed with all the information out there, and do not know how to implement the information? 

I struggled with all these problems and more. There was life before Jake & life after Jake.

Life before Jake, I had no accountability, no process, no framework, no focus. I was investing in all different asset classes, I had the shiny object syndrome.

Once Jake & I closed on our very first deal, we realized investing was a three-legged stool: BR MR FR. The framework and the accountability we created have led to our success.

Now we have the privilege of helping out other entrepreneurs, like you, in all stages of their journey.

If you are you ready for the next step, I want to help. If you need help knowing what the next step is, schedule a call with our team below.

With Gratitude, 


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